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Anxiety and Depression

Whether coping with anxiety, depression or other emotional problems, Woolwich Counselling is here to help.  With a professional team of counsellors, we offer a variety of services and programs.

Family Therapy

Struggling with family issues?  We provide assistance with communication, conflict, parenting concerns, establishing boundaries … to name a few.  Woolwich Counselling has the expertise to assist every member of your family.

Individual Child Therapy and Workshops

Our very reputable child therapy program includes two specially equipped child therapy rooms.  Woolwich Counselling has specifically trained child and youth therapists on staff.

Adolescent Challenges

Woolwich Counselling provides counselling for youth related concerns at the counselling centre and within the local high school and grade schools.  A broad range of psychological issues can be addressed including family conflict, sexuality, establishing healthy boundaries, self-harming behaviours, social anxiety etc.   

Mental health support at your fingertips!

We know isolation and social distancing can be hard and we’re here to help by offering counselling sessions via phone and video chat. To book a session, please call (519) 519-669-8651 or email info@woolwichcounselling.org. 

Please note, sessions via phone or video are for those seeking support for mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. 

For those experiencing severe symptoms or in crisis please contact Here 24/7 at 1-884-437-3247 (Here247).

About Woolwich Counselling

  • Provides professional counselling services for individuals, couples and families
  • Reputable child and youth counselling, play therapy and group programming
  • Outreach supports to the commmunity
  • Non-profit – fees are geared to income


Woolwich Counselling Center (WCC) is continuing to promote and build an inclusive environment. Our employees possess diversity awareness skills and our updated policies and procedures (approved by the Board of Directors) support acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. We are striving toward increasing cultural competence through ongoing education which will continue to instill a set of attitudes, skills, and behaviors that enables WCC to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. 

Our inclusive workplace is an environment that values individual and group differences. Our employees, clients, and board members possess a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives which contributes to a growth and richness of talent, innovation and creativity within the agency. It is our continued goal that diverse employees, board members, and clients feel valued, welcome, integrated, and included; all individuals have equal access to opportunities. At WCC there is also open communication and information sharing as well as shared accountability and responsibility. 

WCC will continue to promote an inclusive environment through ongoing diversity training and workshops within the organization as well as demonstrated equitable treatment of all employees. 


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