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Sometimes, people find coming in and completing an intake with a counselor easy. Other times, people are nervous.

Nerves before an intake are understandable. They are also normal (I think most people get a bit nervous, when they meet someone new). Sometimes, having a sense as to what is about to happen can help with our nerves. Here is what you can expect, when coming in for an intake:

1. You may have to sit for a couple of minutes in our waiting room, depending on how early you are. Our waiting room is equipped with magazines, water, and toys. Settle in, your therapist will be with you shortly.

2. A therapist will invite you into their office. They will begin the appointment by going over confidentiality, confirming the fee for counselling, and getting consents signed (if applicable). You might have some questions about these things- that’s great! Ask away!

3. Usually, the therapist will then spend some time getting to know you. They will ask lots of questions. Keep in mind, this is YOUR time. If there are questions that you do not feel like answering, that’s okay! Just let us know. If there are questions that do not apply to your situation, that’s okay too. Our intakes can be flexible, if that is what is needed.

4. Generally, your intake will last about 50 minutes in total. Some go a bit longer, others are very quick.

Remember, just as the therapist is using the time to get to know you, you can also use the time to determine whether your intake therapist is a good fit for you. Sometimes people do not feel a connection with a certain therapist. This is both okay, and normal (we all have different personalities, and we all have people who we are more or less compatible with). If you feel a connection with your intake therapist, then you are welcome to request the opportunity to continue to work with that person. If you do not feel a connection, then that’s okay! We won’t take it personally. Remember, this is YOUR journey, and your time.

While nerves are normal, try and remember that you are coming to see a professional. We are not here to judge you, nor are we here to minimize the very real struggles you are facing. We are here because we have the incredible privilege, of walking with our clients, as they face lifes ups and downs.